Ödül Tetik


Contact and teaching

I'm a PhD student in Alberto S. Cattaneo's group at Universität Zürich and a member of ZGSM & SwissMAP.

[MSc: Bonn, thesis with Mark Penney and Peter Teichner. BSc: Göttingen, thesis with Thomas Schick, minor in philosophy. High school in İstanbul.]


Linked spaces and exit paths (2023) arXiv

The stratified Grassmannian (2022) arXiv

In preparation

Linked manifolds and Poincaré duals

Structured Poisson–Morita theory (13.07.2022) v0.2 - Info - major revision and extension upcoming

Variations on the higher Deligne conjecture Info

TBA (w/ N. Capacci) Info - Nicola's talk


A. Ivanov, Poincaré/Koszul duality and defect coupling (ETHZ, semester project under N. Beisert, tbc for MSc thesis)

G. Gagliardo, The geometric cobordism hypothesis (ETHZ, semester project under G. Felder)


Field theory from [and] homology via [are] “duals” (online/Boğaziçi Üniv., İstanbul, 20.12.2022)

Field theory from homology via Poincaré duals (Zürich, 12.10.2022) Typed notes (incomplete, tbc)

Geometric factorisation algebras and Morita theory (King's College London, 24.06.2022) Slides

More types and the type-theoretic axiom of choice (Zürich, 18.03.2022) Handwritten notes, Screenshot of Lean code to prove type-theoretic AoC.

Logic, categories, types (Zürich, 04.03.2022) Handwritten notes Typo on p. 20: change `extensional' to `intensional'.

On AKSZ with input symplectic stacks (Zürich, 27.05.2021) Typed notes

What is... a Drinfeld associator? (Zürich, 01.12.2020) Slides

Stratified algebra (Zürich, 01.12.2020) Typed notes

4d BF with cosmological constant is equivalent to Ooguri–Crane–Yetter (Zürich, 29.04.2020) Typed notes

3d TQFTs from spherical fusion categories (Zürich, 01.04.2020) Typed notes


Zurich Graduate Colloquium (since 2020). Seminar on Lean (2022). Student seminar on characteristic classes (2021). Student seminar on operads (2021).


Field theories and fermionic phases in one dimension (MSc)

Universality of invertibility of the Dirac operator twisted with the Mishchenko bundle (BSc)